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Through today’s article, we will learn how suitable are free blogging sites to earn money. That means if we work on a free blog site as opposed to creating a paid WordPress blog by investing money, what will be the income? Or, even if the income is, how much?

How Suitable are Free Blogging Sites to Earn Money

Many people have asked us about this via email, and it is impossible to repeatedly tell everyone the same thing.

So, through today’s article, we have highlighted this issue so that we can clear every doubt or question that you have about a free blog site.

After reading the article carefully, you will understand very clearly that:

  • What does a free blog mean?
  • What is the difference between a free blog and paid blog?
  • When does traffic start coming to the blog?
  • Blog income how and when?
  • How suitable are free blogging sites to earn money?
  • Which blog is better? Free or paid blog?

So let’s go through the answers to each question in detail.

What does blog mean?

To better understand a paid blog or a free blog site, you must first understand “What a blog is.”

So, what is blog?

See, an online blog site is an informational website or online journal where information is published on different topics or any one topic. You can write information about anything, like your interest, experience, knowledge, or strategy, and publish it on your blog site.

Simply put, a blog site is a fully online website where content/articles, including text, media, images, or video, are published.

You can also say,

A blog site is like your personal diary, where you can write any information you want. But no one can see and read your diary except you or without your permission, but anyone can see and read your blog site active online.

The main purpose of a blog site is to “share various information online.”

If you have created your blog to share information online, then you don’t have to think much about whether the blog is paid or free.

What does a free blog mean?

A free blog means a blog that does not cost us any money to create. This means we don’t need to pay a single money for blog hosting. Then those blogs can be called free blogs.

For example, if you create a blog site using Google’s Blogger.com platform, you don’t have to pay a single penny.

Blog hosting is provided by Google, which is completely free. Besides, hosting is provided with a free subdomain which we can use as the URL address of our blog site. Using this free website builder platform, we can quickly and costlessly create a blog website. And these kinds of free websites or blogs are called free blogs.

In this case, if you are creating a blog only to share information or publish, then you can create a blog site using a free blogging platform of this type.

What is the difference between a free blog and paid blog?

See above. We have told you in detail what a free blog means.

Just as blog sites created using some free blogging platform are called free blogs without paying any money, in the same way as in the case of hosting a blog when money is paid for hosting, those blogs can be called paid blogs.

Hosting a blog by purchasing your web hosting space has many advantages and benefits. However, having some technical knowledge to buy your web hosting and install WordPress to create a blog is essential.

Let us know some specific differences that differentiate a free blog from a paid blog:

1. In free blogs, even though you are the blog owner, you do not have full rights to the blog because your blog can be deleted anytime.


A blog site created with paid hosting is completely under your control. It cannot be deleted without your permission.

2. Free blogging doesn’t provide you with some of the essential tools and plugins.


When you create a self-hosted WordPress blog, you will have the convenience and option to use many free and paid plugins.

3. A free blog has many limitations that you must adhere to.


Self-hosted WordPress blog has no limitations; you can do blog design, advanced SEO, etc., using different plugins and tools. Besides, you can add many other functions to the blog.

So, to start blogging professionally as a business, you need to create a self-hosted or paid blog.

Also, if you are blogging for fun or learning, you can use a free blog builder.

When does traffic start coming to the blog?

Whether you build your blog site for free or paid, it has nothing to do with the traffic you get to the blog.

When you regularly publish articles with complete on-page SEO optimization, your blog will gradually get free traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

The most important thing in getting blog traffic is to write SEO-optimized articles and publish them on the blog.

So, if you regularly publish SEO-optimized articles on your blog, be they free blog or paid, you will get traffic.

How and when the free blogging sites starts to earn money?

When regular traffic/users start coming to your blog, you can earn money from your blog site in various ways.

For example,

  • By showing Google Adsense ads.
  • Through paid promotion.
  • Through affiliate marketing.
  • By Sponsorship.
  • Sell your online course or e-book.

You can earn regular money from your blog by using more different ways.

And remember, in terms of earning money from a blog, whether you make a self-hosted WordPress with money or a free blog through Blogger, it is not an essential matter in any way.

More traffic/users are needed to earn money from a blog, and you can get more users or traffic through quality and SEO-optimized content or articles.

How suitable are free blogging sites to earn money?

We told you above that there is no such thing as a free or paid blog about earning money from a blog. Because to make more money from the blog, more traffic is needed, which can be brought to any free or paid blog.

You can earn a lot of money per month from a blog site. And it will increase day by day.

Which blog is better? Free or paid blog??

See, if you want to create a blog to express your thoughts or knowledge or to learn to blog, then you can create a blog using free blogging platforms like blogger.com. Also, if you want to blog professionally or create a blog as a business, buy your hosting and create a self-hosted WordPress blog. Because Free blogging platforms have a lot of limitations, and you don’t have full control over the blog you create.

Besides, in free blogging platforms, we are not allowed to use some essential tools and plugins, so it is impossible to do good blog design, SEO, etc.

So, we suggest you start with a free blogging platform and learn to blog. When traffic starts coming to your blog gradually, you can shift your free blog to paid hosting and take full control of the blog.

What did we learn about free blogging sites to earn money today?

So guys, in the end, we understand that the most important thing in making money from a blog is getting a lot of traffic. And so, even if we have made a blog through free means, there is an opportunity to earn money from that blog equally.

However, it is recommended not to create a blog using a free platform so that you can completely control your blog.

Besides, it would be best to create a self-hosted WordPress blog using various advanced tools and plugins.

By creating a free blog, you will not be able to use the full benefits, and therefore at one time or another, you will undoubtedly encounter difficulties in some way or the other.

Finally, is it possible to make money from a free blog? The simple answer to this question would be, “Yes” of course. Just as there are opportunities to make money from a self-hosted WordPress blog, so can you make money from a free blog.

If you have more questions or think that something is missing in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also, you can contact us via mail: [email protected]

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