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2 Simple Ways to Send Message to Myself on WhatsApp

Sometimes there are messages, memes, or videos available on WhatsApp that need to be saved for later viewing or use. WhatsApp has the option to bookmark messages and easily find them later. However, searching for bookmarked messages requires scrolling through old chats, which is not an ideal solution. In this article you will learn 2 simple ways that how to chat with myself/yourself on WhatsApp.

How to Chat with Myself on WhatsApp

As a solution to this problem, the feature of sending a message to myself has come to WhatsApp. This feature is already in Facebook Messenger. Finally, the feature of self-messaging has come on WhatsApp, through which anything can be saved easily. So, How to chat with myself on WhatsApp?

Rules to Send Messages to Myself/Yourself in WhatsApp?

In addition to the official method of messaging yourself, you will know one more different way in our post by which you can open a chat with yourself. Knowing the rules, you can use them when needed.

How to Chat with Myself/Yourself on WhatsApp by Message Yourself Feature:

Using the Message yourself feature on WhatsApp is quite easy. First, let’s know how to Message yourself very easily using the Message Yourself feature.

  • Log in to WhatsApp and tap on the New Chat button at the bottom right.
  • You will see your phone number in the contact list under the Message yourself a label.
  • You can message yourself by tapping on that option.

But the same can be done in other ways without finding your phone number from the chat window. If you save the phone number in the Contacts app of the phone, then you will see the contact name in the Message yourself chat. Now you can easily save something by sending a message to yourself, sharing any file or media and saving it. Suppose you want to save a picture of a chat, you can easily save it by sending it to yourself using the Forward option.

Alright! In this way, you can easily message yourself on WhatsApp. This feature will be very useful to share screenshots, save articles or share files between mobile and PC.

How to Chat with Myself/Yourself on WhatsApp by Solo Group:

Using the Message Yourself option allows you to easily message yourself. But if you want you can create a solo group to message only yourself. Let’s know how to create a WhatsApp solo group.

  • First, enter WhatsApp and tap on the New Chat button and tap on the New Group option
  • Now add any friend, family member, or your other number to the group, this number can be anyone’s
  • Then proceed by providing the group name
  • After creating the group, go to the settings page by tapping on the name of the group and then tap on the number you added, and tap on the Remove option.
  • Now you will see that there is only you in this group, that is, a solo group has been created
  • In this way, different media and files can be saved even by opening a group with only yourself

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is WhatsApp's Message Yourself Feature Secure?

Yes. WhatsApp says that the messages you send to each other are end-to-end encrypted. That means your messages, calls, and status updates will stay between you and those people you choose.

Is Chat with Myself/Yourself on WhatsApp by Solo Group Secure?

Yes. But be careful when creating solo groups that end up being just you. If someone else is there, they will also see your private saved messages.

Which Media Files will You Share with Yourself on WhatsApp?

It’s helpful to save text messages and allows you to share documents, photos, videos, contact information, emoticons, and GIFs, among others, with yourself. The only thing you can’t do is call yourself.

Does the WhatsApp Message Yourself Feature Work on PC?

Yes, you can access the WhatsApp Message Yourself feature to write notes and save important information on your PC/laptop. The steps remain the same as above. However, it is worth mentioning that your messages will not be synchronized. This means that WhatsApp messages that you share with yourself on a computer will not appear on mobile or vice versa like other chats.

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