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How to Reset Rollo Printer - See All FAQs About Rollo Printer

How to Setup Rollo Printer in Windows?

Rollo Printer is compatible with Windows along with Mac. You could connect the device to both systems and use it for printing cards, labels, and many more. The model could have a wired connection or the wireless connection. Follow the steps below for the Windows operating system.

  • Visit the Rollo website.
  • Find out Rollo Drivers.
  • Click on ‘Download Windows Driver’ on this page.
  • Download driver
  • Rollo is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8 as well as Windows 10. If your system does not function on these OS, then you have to change the system or the OS.
  • Now click on the downloaded file to start the installation procedure for Rollo Printer Setup.
  • Go with the flow of the installer.
  • Click on the Finish key at last.
  • Now, open the control panel of the PC.
  • Select the ‘Devices and Printer’ option.
  • Select ‘Add a Printer or Scanner’.
  • Click on the name of your Printer.
  • Select Printing Preferences after right-clicking on the Printer name.
  • Select the ‘Advanced’ key at the bottom most of the pop-up window.
  • Select Paper size and click on the size as per your requirements.
  • Select the OK key at last.

It finishes the Rollo Printer Setup for Windows. You could now start your printing job over a network.

Rollo Wireless Shipping Label Printer

Rollo Wireless Shipping Label Printer

Brand Rollo
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi, USB
Printing Technology Thermal

Rollo Shipping Label Printer

Rollo Shipping Label Printer

Brand Rollo
Connectivity Technology USB
Printing Technology Thermal

How To Setup Rollo Printer in MacBook Pro?

Rollo printer needs IOS 10.9 and onwards to install on Mac. If software needs to be updated to 10.9 or forward, follow the directions below to connect your Rollo printer to your MacBook Pro. 

  • Visit Rollo website, download, and install the driver for your Mac. 
  • When downloaded, click on the file, then again click on the package file for the accomplishment of installation. 
  • Go to settings and click on printers and scanners. 
  • Select the (+) icon. 
  • Select Rollo thermal printer, and from the drop-down menu, click software. 
  • Click Ok after searching for Rollo printer on the search bar. 
  • When you choose the Printer, click on Add at the bottom right of the window. 
  • When you connect the Rollo printer to the system, you will see a green light on your Rollo Thermal Printer, which indicates that your Printer is ready to use. 

Why is the Rollo Printer not switching ON?

Rollo printer is not turning ON, which means there is something erroneous either with the Printer power cable, the power source, or the Printer itself. You can discover the power problem on your printer using the underneath stages.

  • Check that the printer adapter is in operational condition and not lost connection.
  • You need to ensure that the printer DC socket is correctly insert on the printer side and there are no loose connections.
  • Change the Power cable between the AC socket plus the DC adapter to check the cable is working.
  • Try to swap the DC adapter and inspect if the new DC adapter powers on the printer.
  • If the Rollo printer does not switch on, contact the customer center or replace the product if it has a warranty and get it fixed by the support center.

Why the Rollo Printer Keeps Beeping?

If the printer is powered on but remains a beeping sound with no key working, nothing works to stop the beep sound. Ensure the power adapter connected to the printer is supported and it is not any different DC adapter that is mismatched with the Rollo printer.

Use the original power adapter to create Rollo printer Power On without any beeping sound.

Why the Rollo Printing Blank?

Trying to print the label, but printing a blank label seems there is an issue with the installation of the printer cartridge or the label was placed wrongly. Ensure the printer label is correctly placed on the printer to avoid any blank and no printing problems.

Does nothing happen while trying to print on the Rollo Printer?

Trying printing commands, but nothing happened afterward sending print commands; it looks like the connection was lost, or there was a bad connection between the printer and the computer. Follow the stages to fix the issue.

  • Remove the USB cable linked to the printer and computer sides and correctly connect it again.
  • Go to the control panel and confirm the Rollo printer displays Online and Active status.
  • While printing labels, ensure that you have to select the Rollo printer or make the Rollo printer the default printer to auto-select while providing commands from the software. 

Is Rollo skipping labels or constantly feeding?

If you are trying to print several labels simultaneously and giving multiple label print commands nonstop, skipping labels, then follow the underneath stages to fix it.

  • Try to calibrate the printer plus run the ‘Learn command again’; thus, the printer can learn the printer. Run the automatic label identification so the printer can learn labels correctly.
  • Ensure the USB cable is connected correctly, or swap the new cable to confirm.
  • The design of the label size is according to the label placed for printing.
  • Incorrect label size might cause problems with skipping labels as the printer cannot verify the size and cannot learn it.
Rollo Direct Thermal Shipping Label

Rollo Direct Thermal Shipping Label

  • Genuine Rollo labels
  • Ideal for shipping and logistics printing
  • 500 Labels Per Pack
  • BPA-Free
  • Made in USA

Rollo Direct Thermal Barcode Label

Rollo Direct Thermal Barcode Labels

  • Compatible with Rollo Printer
  • Perforated for Easy Tear-off
  • 1,000 Labels Per Pack
  • Size: 2″ x 1″
  • Made in USA

ROLLO Label Holder for Rolls and Fan-Fold Labels

Rollo Label Holder

  • Compatible with Rollo Printer
  • Compatible with both Rolls and Fan-Fold (Stack) Labels
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Modern, sleek, and low-profile design

Does the printer label gets caught or merely print half and stop?

Fixing printing getting caught or merely half printing and then stopping the problem must confirm the printer printing speed.

  • Print density is set too high may be an issue with the printer label getting trapped or printing half and stop.
  • Set the printer speed to “4” plus printer density to “2,” and try printing again.
  • If you think printing is too light, raise density by “1” more.

How to reset Rollo Printer?

The following phases will guide you on how to reset Rollo printer to factory settings:

  • You have to visit the Rollo printer homepage. 
  • Sign in as administrator.
  • From the drop-down menu, click settings. 
  • Click on the device from the settings, restore factory defaults. 
  • Right-click on restore all settings, then start. 
  • Doing this would restart your printer and restore all settings from the network to the application and fax settings to their default configurations.
  • Finally, set up the time plus date of your Printer. 

Hope you got a clear idea about how to reset Rollo Printer.

Why is the Rollo Printer not working?

When a Rollo printer setup stops printing correctly, there may be several reasons for this issue. A possible cause for this is the incorrect formatting of the label. In that situation, you must ensure that the label is formatted correctly.

How do you calibrate your Rollo Printer?

You might need to calibrate your Rollo printer if your test label does not print correctly. Just load your labels into the Rollo printer, then click and hold the blue button until it beeps. It would calibrate label size.

Why is Rollo Printer showing offline?

Printers can seem offline if they cannot connect to your computer. Sometimes while printing, the device or PC thinks the Printer is offline even while it is set to start printing. A fault can cause this between the PC and the Printer.

It can be as simple as a detached cable or an error happening because of a paper jam. However, it could also specify a problem with your driver or software. Old age or a deficiency of updates could cause this, and if this is the cause of your Printer being offline, you would have to troubleshoot it.

Why is your Rollo light become red?

Maximum of the time, the flashing red light specifies that you are running low on paper. If the paper is not running low, confirm that the roll is pressed to the back of the Printer.

How do you change your Rollo settings?

Please confirm you are on the same Wi-Fi network as Rollo. Then open the Rollo App and go to Menu > Settings > Default Rollo Printer > Settings. When Rollo printer Portal opens, please click on “Media” and select the desired label size or make a new custom size. Then Click on Save Changes.

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